Web server on Raspberry pi – Apache, php5, mysql, vsftp, webmin, wordpress


1. Change default password:

2. install Apache / php5

3. install MySql server

4. install vsftp server

change owner

change conf file:

5. install webmin:

Access webmin – http://your-lan-ip:10000/

Monitoring network activity using terminal and small LCD TFT screen.
commands: for linux processes monitoring & virtual memory statistics:

Network statistics:

install iftop: Network Bandwidth Monitoring


install to iotop: Monitor Linux Disk I/O

install tcpdump: network packet analyzer

install nmon: Monitor Linux Systems Performance


nmon keyboard shortcuts:

  • q – To stop and exit nmon.
  • h – To see quick help (hint) screen and press h again to remove the hints.
    Use the following command to turn on or off stats:
  • c – See cpu stats.
  • m – See memory stats.
  • d – See disk stats.
  • k – See kernel stats.
  • n – See network stats.
  • N – See NFS stats.
  • j – See file system stats.
  • t – See top process.
  • V – See virtual memory stats.
  • . – See only busy disks/procs.
  • v – Verbose mode (display as Ok/warning/danger on screen).

Run program nmon on startup: edit

add before exit 0:

save control-o , exit control-x, when reboot nmon will run on startup.

To prevent terminal – sleep mode edit:

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