Raspberry Pi kernel with TFT support HY-1.8 SPI lcd

Make sure your filesystem is expanded, if not use raspi-config:

Correct procedure to update system with tft support:

Update firmware: https://github.com/Hexxeh/rpi-update

Make directory rpi-update writable:

Rename and backup modules directory:

Enable SPI in raspi-blacklist.conf – comment out (#) the spi blacklist line

Install notro rpi-firmware update

To make module load at start-up add this line at the end:

To have the console start on the framebuffer with fonts MINI4x6 – edit /boot/cmdline.txt

It should look like this:

Shutdown raspberry Pi

and power back

1.8 tft raspberry pi

1.8 tft raspberry pi

Install midnight commander:

midnight commander


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