Bitcoin – cgminer complete setup on Raspberry Pi and 2.2 TFT LCD

1. Install cgminer

2. Install drivers for 2.2″ tft lcd screen –×320-for-raspberrypi/
– Small change for auto startup add: –api-listen –api-network for remotely monitoring

add before exit 0:

3. Install Apache/mysql/php – remotely monitoring cgminer using miner.php

– to restart Apache type:

– move miner.php from cgminer-3.9.0 (or whatever ver. you are installing to /var/www/ directory and rename to index.php

– point your browser to http://your-raspberrypi-lan-ip/ you should see:

Similar setup on Raspberry pi , cgminer 4.0.0 and 2.8″ tft lcd screen

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